Bristol County Saving-Age Discrimination

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I take home more than $ 100, 000. per year. I have been in business for almost 50 years. I have been married for 51 years. I have owned my home for 21 years. My bills are always paid on time. Last year I obtained a auto loan for $ 13000. from this same bank.

One week after applying for this loan I received a form letter from Ann G. Melo who is the loan officer for Bristol County.

The form was completely devoid of any explanation excepting three X's. One of these was followed by, what looks like a stamp,

" Federal Tax Lien ". I do owe these people money but I have challenged the amounts but nobody at the bank asked about that. If fact nobody asked me about anything.

Was my application summarily dismissed "out of hand" because of this one negative as opposed to all my positives?

I hardly think so.

Did I mention that I am 73 years old?

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Warwick, Rhode Island, United States #579967

I was responsible for writing the above.I would like to rescind everything I said because I found out that discrimination is not alive and well at Bristol County.

I had a long talk with a vice president of the bank and she convinced me that I was treated in a fair way.My sincere apologies to the bank.

Don Reddy

to finnman #1069844

Good, because at 73 you're old enough to know that a tax lien will make any bank want to run from you...

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